Olive is good at seeing things. At five years old, her world is cozy and small, full of her Mommy
and Daddy, her grandma, and a lot of doctors. Her body does not ever do what she wants it to.
Her legs don’t walk, her hands shake, and when she talks, no one understands her words.

Until one person does.

The more Olive learns all the ways that she is different from other people, the more she realizes
how much she needs that one person who always understands her, who is maybe even just like her. So what happens when that one person is suddenly gone?

Olive is a thoughtful, enchanting look into the mind of a non-verbal, medically fragile girl. Through her eyes, we see the struggle of growing up without words and with a body that has to work hard for every triumph, and yet triumph she does. In Olive, we are reminded that sometimes all it takes is one person for you to never be alone again.

Olive was announced by AuthorFirst as the book of the month for the month of June!


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